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Agility in Education.

At Vail Christian High School, we provide a synchronized classroom experience, whether home or campus-based. With our Saints Anywhere learning options and recent investment in high-tech classrooms, we are innovative and agile, and will continue reaching toward our mission of excellence to serve our students and the Saints community at the highest level.

An investment in the future.

Each of our 17 classrooms delivers real-time instruction synchronously with a virtual option. Students see, hear and fully interact with their teachers and fellow students in the real classroom, even if they are learning from home or anywhere.

With Saints Anywhere, we increase our reach to students who cannot consistently attend school in-person such as elite athletes, international and multi-city families, or middle or high school students looking to take a la carte or supplemental courses. 


Teachers continue to focus on what they've always done best in traditional classrooms: delivering lessons at the highest level and making real connections with their students. Now, that same quality instruction is further enhanced through interactive content sharing, with students near and far. This is live, this is real.

You may have heard that you become the product of the five people you spend the most time with. There is no question that high school students are heavily influenced by their peers and teachers. When VCHS students are surrounded by our exceptional faculty, high-achieving and kind peers, great things happen!  We call it the VCHS family.


See how some of our Class of 2023 graduates experienced it:

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“The teachers and administrators are caring and kind and truly want to see me succeed.”

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