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At Vail Christian High School, we strive for a balance in Excellence, Faith and Character. I take pride in getting to know each of our students personally and curtailing plans unique to them. I believe that when students are reflective, open, and honest in this process, great outcomes follow. I coach students to dig deep and reflect on who they are, and who they aspire to be. I believe that hard work, paired with focus and passion is the recipe for success. I provide students with tools to help them discover their gifts and what they might be wired to do. Simply put, I am focused on the most important people in the process - our students! 


While I know that many students and parents feel anxiety about the college admission and selection process, I don’t believe that should be the driving emotion. This process can be really fun and exciting, and I will do all that I can to make that possible, working  alongside parents to prepare to send our VCHS students out into the world.


I'm excited to form solid connections with our Saints in order to push them to their full potential. I will listen, question, support, build confidence and outline steps. Thank you for trusting your children in our care.

In God’s Hands,  |  970-766-4127


B.A., Bucknell University
M.ED., Springfield College


College + Career Prep - What to Expect



  • Attend Freshman Parent Night in fall

  • Build 4-year plan balancing academic rigor, extra curriculars and success

  • All freshman take PSAT and PreACT on campus (no need for other testing prep)

  • Attend Sophomore Parent Night in fall

  • Review 4 year plan

  • All sophomores take PSAT and PreACT on campus (no need for other testing prep)

  • You Science assessments for career interests




  • Attend Junior Parent Night in late September

  • College Board SAT and AP Course management

  • College Search exploration and building lists

  • Colorado college and universities junior class tours

  • Juniors take College and Career Prep Class with counselor

  • Personal Statement and Essay brainstorming, outlines, and drafts



  • Attend Senior Parent Night in early September

  • Polish essays with English Teacher

  • Prepare for college application process- Common App and Institution-Specific

  • Counselor facilitates relationships with students and Admission Representatives

  • Support in financial aid and scholarships application process

Oh, The Places They'll Go.

College Matriculation.gif

Academic Profile

The average ACT score from the Class of 2023 was 28, (national and state average is 19.9) positioning them well for acceptances from some of the most selective U.S. colleges and universities. 


Our comprehensive academic profile may be found here.


Meeting Requests

to schedule an appointment with
Mrs. Petersmeyer.


Private counselor meetings with students and parents are available anytime.

Helpful Links

  • FAFSA - free application for federal student aid

  • FAFSA ID - required to fill out FAFSA forms

  • CSS Profile - financial aid for private colleges

  • CollegeBoard - SAT, PSAT, and AP Courses and Testing website

  • Big Futures - College Searching, majors, location, size, type, admission, affordability

  • ACT - ACT Testing registration. 

  • Common App - Link to the website for the Common Application

  • NCAA - NCAA Eligibility Center

  • You Science – Career strengths and interests



The goal of the College Counseling Office is to support, inform, and encourage students and their families as they navigate the exciting, complex, and ever-changing process of college admissions. The perfect blend of specialized care for each student and effective strategies for admissions sets our college counseling program
apart. Preparing SAINTS to lead and succeed is in our DNA.


By the time our students graduate, they're ready. As they prepare for excellence in the classroom, we equally value the development of faith and character therefore we know they're prepared to succeed in whatever paths they choose.

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