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Britni Beagley ‘08 - VCHS Alumni Physicians in the Field

Britni: Unpredictable Paths Pave the Way for Future Success

Dr. Britni Beagley (VCHS Class of 2008) stands out as a shining example of ambition and dedication.  Britni's journey from the halls of VCHS to her current role as an Anesthesiologist at Kaiser Permanente's St. Joseph’s Hospital in Denver, Colorado, is a testament to the transformative power of education and mentorship.


After her graduation from VCHS, Britni pursued her passion for health sciences at Azusa Pacific University, earning an undergraduate degree in Applied Health Sciences in 2012. Initially drawn towards physical therapy, Britni devoted her time to volunteering in geriatrics, an experience that would alter the course of her career. Inspired by her interactions and driven by a newfound passion, she set her sights on medical school.


Graduating from the University of Colorado Anschutz Medical School, Britni continued her educational journey with a residency in Colorado Springs, specializing in anesthesiology and surgery in the cardiac bypass unit. Her commitment and excellence in her field recently led her to accept a prestigious position as an anesthesiologist for Kaiser Permanente at St. Joseph’s Hospital in Denver, Colorado.


Reflecting on her earlier years at Vail Christian High School, Britni acknowledges the pivotal role of her teachers, particularly the impact of strong women mentors. Mrs. Julie Haller, Britni's favorite Spanish teacher, not only imparted linguistic knowledge but became a cherished friend outside the classroom. Ms. Mindy Larson, who taught Britni chemistry and genetics, played a crucial role in shaping her interests and steering her towards a career in medicine.


Britni's advice to current students is a true testament of her own experiences. She encourages students to forge meaningful connections with their teachers, citing the impact these relationships can have on one's academic and personal development. Emphasizing the importance of getting involved in school activities and trying new things, Britni highlights the unpredictable paths that new experiences can pave for future success.

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