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VCHS Alumni Spotlight - Jake and Luke Bowers '19

The Bowers Twins - Architects of the Future

Vail Christian High School Class of 2019

In the rich history of Vail Christian High School’s alumni, twin brothers Luke and Jake Bowers shine as beacons of passion, creativity, and faith. Graduating in 2019, they have since pursued notable careers in architecture, completing their studies at the University of Colorado Boulder’s Environmental Design Program in 2023. Today, they are making significant strides at two prestigious architectural firms.

Jake Bowers: The Visionary Architect

Jake Bowers isn't just an architect; he's a visionary designer focused on transformative projects. Currently working at Stantec in Denver, Colorado, Jake has played a key role in designing a new transit facility in Portland, Oregon. Additionally, he was part of a University of Denver team that won the NAIOP Rocky Mountain Real Estate Challenge. With dreams of designing custom homes, Jake's ambition is to evolve with the housing market and leave a unique mark on residential architecture.

Luke Bowers: The Design Extraordinaire

Luke Bowers has found his own path in design, exploring product design, landscape architecture, urban planning, and architecture at the University of Colorado Boulder. His three-month internship at Zehren and Associates deepened his passion for architecture, where he worked on projects ranging from custom mountain homes to fitness centers and condominiums. Now a Designer at KEPHART in Denver, Luke focuses on multifamily and build-to-rent properties, aiming to bring timeless and unique aesthetics to the architectural world.


Fond Memories and Lasting Influences

For both Luke and Jake, their journey started at Vail Christian High School, where mentors like JD Webster and Mrs. Denae O’Neil made lasting impacts. JD Webster’s mentorship through church and chapel band ignited their passion for faith and music, which they continue to share by participating in church worship bands and DJing at various events. Mrs. Denae O’Neil’s engineering classes equipped them with crucial skills for their future careers.

Words of Wisdom for Current Students

Luke encourages current VCHS students to stay open and embrace faith:

“Don’t get stuck. Have your mind open to what God has planned for you. Embrace opportunities presented to you.”

Jake, on the other hand, emphasizes the importance of savoring college years:

“Take the time to enjoy college for what it is before it’s too late. You can’t get those years back. Do what you are passionate about.”

Luke and Jake Bowers embody the spirit of Vail Christian High School—embracing faith, pursuing passions, and making significant impacts in their fields. As they continue to build their careers, they remain grateful for the strong foundation and mentorship they received during their formative years at VCHS. 

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